There Are Three Kinds Of Men In The World: Fits, Misfits, And Counterfeits

Most great men come from small towns. Is that because of ambition or gossip?

Men are born collectors. First, they collect bugs, toads and marbles. Then girls, kisses and ties; then money, worries and a family; then golf trophies, dirty jokes, and hair tonic, and finally, pains, symptoms and memories.

All men are born equal. The tough part is to grow out of it.

Notice how men close their eyes when riding a bus? They hate to see women standing.

Some men grow: others just swell.

More men worry about losing their hair than their heads.

This country has turned out some great men in the past. And there are others who are not so great that should be turned out as well.

Many men get more fun out of grinding the ax than burying the hatchet.

Some men keep up with the Joneses by wearing last year's suit and driving this year's cars on next year's salary. This is real progress.

A California woman says her husband is at the dangerous age when all females look alike to him -- desirable!

The best way to win an argument with a woman is to hit her over the head with a new mink coat.

Automation is man's effort to make work so easy that women can do it.

Most guys wish they were as wise as they think their wives think they are.