WSJ; Overheard On The Street--Dreamworks Animation Is Making A Bet On Television

                                           Only the channel happens to reside on YouTube.

The studio said Wednesday it is buying AwesomenessTV, a teen-focused online network, for $33 million in cash, plus additional payments that could bring the price as high as $117 million if the ad-financed service meets certain earnings targets.

DreamWorks has long held ambitions to own, or partner in, a TV network. Buying a You-Tube channel is cheaper than starting a new one and avoids the inevitable struggle with pay-tv providers over carriage fees for a standalone network.
DreamWorks hasn't said which, if any, of its content it plans to put on Awesomeness. But the site could help it make money off the portfolio of older titles like "Casper the Friendly Ghost" and "Lassie" that it got when it bought Classic Media last year. It could also provide an outlet for shows that are spun off from DreamWorks' animated films.
The purchase of Awesomeness has another benefit; its chief executive, Brian Robbins, is a veteran of Nickelodeon and has considerable experience in children's programming. For DreamWorks, the new channel may live up to its name.