Vinegar Cancer Test Saves Lives, Study Says

Mumbai, India, is where the study centered. "A simple vinegar teat slashed cervical cancer death rates by one-third in a remarkable study of 150,000 women in the slums of India, where the disease is the top cancer killer of women.
Doctors reported the results Sunday at a cancer conference in Chicago.

Experts called the outcome "amazing" and said this quick,cheap test could save tens of thousands of lives each year in developing countries by spotting early signs of cancer allowing treatments before it's too late. PAP smears and tests for HPV, a virus.
Good news tried a test that costs very little and can be done by local people with just two weeks of training and no fancy equipment. They swab the cervix with diluted vinegar which can make abnormal cells briefly change color. This low-tech visual cut the cervical cancer date rate in India and 72,600 worldwide each year.