Makes you wonder if they had prepared for women to have special uniforms for flight. Prior to her embarkation date, flight attendants wore pants with a button-down fly and generally were the sons of the men who financed the airlines.

Think of it, the days before safety was sanctioned and policies were written "in case of accidents." Who knew? The people that flew?

Miss Church flew on United Airlines from Oakland, Calif. to Chicago. Flying time? The flight went on and on for 20 hours. It made 13 stops. Did it have two engines?

Here's the credo women lived by: Stewardesses had to fly before their 26th birthday, were to be no taller than five feet, four inches, and had to be registered nurses!

Can you see it now? A passenger frightened by flying, jumps into the nurse's eager embrace so she can calm him like a Mommy. Just think -- the nurse could not show fright no matter how bumpy the flight. So obviously, the young gals had to be braver than neophyte passengers.

No wonder this phrase came to be in use: "Happy Landings!" (Consider the alternative.)